Horizon Europe Strategy for 2025- 2027 y. sets out the goal to spend more than 30 percent of the whole budget for climate action. This includes a number of calls directly related to climate adaptation and resilience as well the overal concept of green, sustanable way of designing and implementing science and innovation ideas.

The three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, together with partners from Israel are organising an online networking event  to foster the international collaboration between research and higher education and research institutions, public sector institutions and business enterprises to meet the challenges caused by the changing climate and propose solutions for our cities and regions.

Thematic focus:  

The event will focus on 4 thematic areas within Horizon Europe calls for 2024 y and help participants to find partners in projects related to:

  • Green energy (renewable energy sources, biofuels);
  • Adaptation to climate change (preparation to negative climate change effects, raising public awareness, involvement of all levels of public authorities);  
  • Climate-neutral cities, including the New European Bauhaus (urban planning, pollution reduction and mobility in cities and suburbs, involvement of all levels of public authorities); 
  • Sustainable mobility (transport, logistics).

Participants are invited to submit a short presentation of their organisation, which will be shared among them for further networking. 

The event is free of charge. To join the event registration is mandatory.

Event agenda.

For more information, please contact NCP for mission Adaptation to Climate Change Jolanta Revaitienė, email: jolanta.revaitiene@lmt.lt; tel. No. +370 675 69 663.